Clara Bastian


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    Here you’ll find my paintings of cows, sheep, birds, cats, dogs, ships, landscapes etc.

Two cows 6351

31.4 x 47.2 inches
oil on canvas

(sold) I encountered these two characterful, curious and colour-complementary cows in the Hilversume Meent, a municipality near my home. They were stationed – and grazing – here together (just the pair), on a rather cute medium-sized meadow, maintained by a local hobby farmer,

I felt immediately drawn to the idea of portraying these distinct breeds, a ‘Fleckvieh’ and a ‘ Frisia-Holstein’, on one and the same canvas. The black-faced cow with the striking white triangle high on her forehead, her white-faced neighbour with the distinctive red, right eye ”patch”.

The painting comes without a frame. I always paint the sides of the work, so that the scene carries over to the edges. This way there is the option of not framing. I also wire my paintings. Thus, the work is totally finished and ready to hang.